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Of The


Autumn, 2020

With our plans set to travel as the leaves change, we are working out a path that'll continue our exploration of our great province of Ontario.

Highlights of the Past

Traveling The Swisha

July 11th. 2020

We headed out to traverse the Swisha Loop, in Quebec Canada. A trail that would prove an endurance run!


Ardbeg South

June 27 2020

In preparation for our week long outing, we will giving the rigs a shake down to make sure systems are looking good.


Quick Trip North

May 16, 2020

Took a day trip north to dust off the camera's, and dust up the trucks! We even got to bring out a brand new Tacoma Pro!

Nipissing Colonization Road

October 12-16, 2019

Weather got a little stormy, so we decided on some urban overlanding, and rerouting our trip plans!

Canada Day Travels

June 29-30, 2019

Spent the weekend with friends and family in around Ardbeg and Mono, Ontario.

Fathers Day in

June 16, 2019

We took a couple first time Dad's out to see what their trucks were capable of!  Bugs and all, we had an awesome time!

Trans-Taiga Trek

May 14-19, 2019

Our first major expedition, something Ed had planned for a while and we were fortunate enough to be able to do.