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  • This is something we're still growing and improving upon. The passion to capture and create great film and photos, pushes us to grow as individuals, and as a team. Brainstorming ideas for shots, and to capture the moments we have, while still enjoying them, has been a fun balancing act. Becoming comfortable with being in front of the camera, has been harder than being behind, but we're slowly getting there. Currently in our arsenal we have the following; Cannon and Nokia DSLR Cameras Panasonic Mirrorless GH5 GoPro 6,7 and 8 Black KarmaDrone Latest iPhones and Google Pixel phones What do you use and what style would you say you have?
  • We have some exciting news coming, but we won’t let the Gazelle out of the bag just yet! Which do you prefer, sleeping in a roof top tent or on the ground in a tent? Give us your pros and cons and the reasoning you chose your setup? We have some exciting content coming your way soon so stay tuned!
  • We finally got the start of the build page for Sable. Some photos and what's currently been modded has been listed. This will grow over the coming months, so stay tuned!!
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