A Good Pair of Shocks Makes Everything Else Better

To best understand why I chose to upgrade the #shocks of our #Toyota #Tundra, it's good to know what their purpose is in the first place.

In brief and very simply put. Shocks are the parts of your vehicles #suspension that, along with springs, help to dampen impact and vehicle vibration when driving. They also make sure that your tires are always in contact with the ground.

There is a wide range of types you can choose to purchase, along with plenty of reputable brands. For example, #coilovers, reservoirs, twin-tube... etc. Each will have their pros and cons and should be researched to see what will best suit your needs and/or budget.

After reading a bunch of reviews and seeing what other people had been doing on their

Tundras via one of the forums I frequent often (Tundras.com), it had come down to two brands that I felt would fit two criteria's that were important to me. Fashion and Function... yes fashion as well. While function is critical, if I could also get something that I thought carried a good "look" with it, it made it all the better to me.

Choosing to go with the #FoxFactorySeries for the front and rear of the Tundra. Adding just a little over 2" to its height and improving the overall ride quality. We went all in and chose the adjustable set along with the reservoirs. This provides us the ability to adjust the speed of the shocks rebound and it's compression dampening. The added reservoirs hold more oil, which help keep temperatures down on those longer off road travel trips. This should help us avoid shock fade if we find ourselves moving quickly while off road. So far we haven't pushed the truck yet to where the adjustable feature has been put to use, but, I prefer to over build than find myself wanting, or needing to have something in the future whenever possible. To further go above and beyond, we also added an #Icon leaf set in the rear, along with some air bags. We'll talk more about that in another post in the future.

Having the Fox shocks now for almost a year and roughly 30-35,000 km of a mixture of work and pleasure travel, I've enjoyed them thoroughly. On the road, it's been perfect, as I'd expect them to be and while on our trips, the gravel and rock we've covered has felt very comfortable in the cab of the Tundra. It's been great having a sense of confidence that while out on the trails, my truck is going to carry us comfortably there and back, leaving the option of "Where To Next?" always on the table!