How We Got Here

One of the most asked questions I receive is, "What Is REGAR?" The very simple answer is, "It's Rego's and Gardner's mashed together... or at least that was the answer at the start. Let me begin there and let you know how we get to here.

The paths of the Gardners and Regos crossed thanks to a mutual friend, Fern Frias. Fern had heard that the Gardner's were looking to purchase a new #Toyota Tacoma. I, Kevin Rego, being a Toyota Product Advisor came to the mind of Fern and he let them know that if a Toyota is what they were after, they should in fact come and meet me.

Upon our meeting, discussing some options, it was quickly agreed that in fact the Tacoma was the way to go, and I was fortunate enough to become their product advisor!

After much discussion, the honest plan was that the #Tacoma was to be the daily driver of Michelle and that it was to remain stock. Ed had an older Xterra, which would be his for pleasure, leaving the Tacoma as it were. There was full agreement to this by all parties... well a set of beautiful #TRD wheels would be negotiated.

Home Coming

Some little while down the road, Ed had come across an event being hosted by Steve Soper. The, Fall Colors Apple Run. Noticing that I also belonged to the same Facebook community, #OntarioOverland, Ed tossed me an invite to see if I'd be interested in coming along.

A quick discussion with my family had us signed up and waiting for the day to arrive!

The event was amazing. Roughly 30 vehicles, mixture of Toyota, Jeep and I believe a Nissan or two and a Dodge. Great people and beautiful weather, made for a perfect first time out.

Chatting with Michelle and Ed along the stops, it didn't take long to see that our passions for #outdoor travel was very much aligned perfectly together. My areas of weakness, were Eds strengths and he let's me believe I also contribute well to our dynamic.

By the end of this day, it was evident that we would in fact be traveling again together!

Fast forward a month or so, and another opportunity for us to get together presented itself. An invitation from Jay and Mike of Ontario Overland was extended through their #Facebook page that a winter camp night was coming up at the end of January.

This would be a great way to hang out again. Convincing our wives to come along was no small feat, and it only added to the joy of the day!

Sharing laughs over burnt snow pants, helping each other keep warm and even freeing one stuck truck, showed us that just hanging out together was highly enjoyable, regardless the climate!

Another couple weeks passed, and oddly enough on the same day, through some text messaging, Ed and I stated, "Wouldn't it be fun to brand ourselves" Something to share with our families, to make memories and just be goofy with. Myself not being able to figure out a cool blending of our names, Ed was right on point with REGAR (Rego-Gardner) Expeditions.

Just like that, the ideas were being thought up, "how about a website?" "what about some videos?" "T-Shirts, we need T-Shirts!" (coming soon) Doing things for ourselves, that make us happy and maybe things we can share with others to inspire others, as we've been inspired just the same.

It would be roughly June of 2019 when a similar scenario occurred. The long and short of it was that Josh had come in to see me about a Rav4 and went home with a Tacoma! Sharing that he had a similar interest in vehicle camping and traveling that Ed and I were doing, we got together to hang out a few times and ended up taking a couple trips together. The group naturally grew from there.

While "REGAR" began a certain way, it has grown into it's own wonderful thing and continues to do so.

It's story from here continues to write itself!

Thank you for reading this and visiting our little spot on the web. We hope you continue to enjoy and even share in our adventures!