Traveling With Kids

Growing up in my family, #camping was a word we never used. Why would you want to take your family out into the #wilderness when you had the modern marvels of air conditioning, a bug free indoors around a gas fire place and a weekend movie or sporting event to all enjoy together. I had a great childhood mind you, full of amazing memories, it's just that outside of playing soccer, the outdoors wasn't our thing.

It would take years of encouragement from my wife and kids, along with many years in the retail sales industry to finally reach a place mentally where I needed a getaway. Not a vacation... a getaway! It was December 2016 when I finally asked, "Hey, do you guys want to start camping?" Just like that, camp life started for us.

Camping with our kids has lead to many amazing memories and bonding experiences that I hope they will cherish and maybe even pass on to their families. Here are a few tips I've found helpful for my #family #adventures.


Before heading out on your first camp trip, give it a try in the backyard, in your living room, or at a park close to home. This may help address potential concerns or point out short comings in your gear setup.


Packing up for the trip!

Find a way to keep the kids engaged in the pre-trip prep. We like to haul all the gear out about 2 weeks before a trip to check things over. Making sure the #kids are

there to help sort and pack things up in an organized way. They also get to see everything we'll be using.


Pack a variety of things to do while in the vehicle as well as once at the camp site. It can be easy to forget that while you as a driver may be engaged, our passengers may not always feel that same level.

Variety of entertainment options will help break up the trip, and while nature may offer plenty to do at the camp site, the days can grow long for kids. Bring some outdoor activities and let them choose what to bring along!


Things can change in a hurry and the weather can really determine the mood of a trip. Do your best to research what to expect while you're away and pack for the possibility of rain or cold nights... also pack something up for those pesky flying insects!

Bugs nets provided a huge relief for the kids. Sorry Doggo, you're on your own.


You may not want to think of this one, but pack for potential emergencies or illness. A well stocked first aid kit can make all the difference. Be sure to know how to use the items and medication in the kit. Training yourself in first aid, is a great next step, especially if your trips begin to take you further and further into the wilderness.

The camp life fam.

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